Solutions for Steel Framed Housing

Solutions for Steel Frames - Non-traditional Housing 

A brief history...

Non-traditional housing came to the forefront after the Second World War as there was a need for cheap and plentiful housing...The lack of skilled labour and the factories that had been set up for the war effort needed a new use and purpose and building houses was an ideal answer. The non-traditional buildings took the form of steel and aluminium framed systems (using surplus materials from the war years) pre-cast and in-situ concrete and timber frame. The majority of these houses were always intended to be short-term measures and built to very basic standards, put up in haste to address the post-war housing demand...but as we know thousands of these are still in use and these cold, uninsulated buildings present unique challenges in terms of thermal efficiency.

Kishorn Insulations were approached by Livin Housing Association to trial Icynene as a solution for some of their steel-framed properties...We proposed a method of introducing the spray foam to the void between the brickwork and the internal surface where the foam could expand and encapsulate the steel framework, which was found to still be in good condition. The challenge here was to allow the tenants to remain in-situ, with minimal works taking place inside and thus avoiding redecoration costs. After identifying the layout of the framework, we injected the foam into the cavity from the outside , and reinstated the holes in the brickwork. We used infra-red cameras to track the progress of the foam until we were satisfied that the void had been fully filled. Post install thermography and air testing showed significant improvements with air leakage and cold spots greatly reduced. 

ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products. Ideal for homes and commercial buildings - insulate and air seal in one step. Our spray foam insulation is guaranteed to perform as specified for the life of your home or commercial building. 


ICYNENE® open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation products both insulate and air seal homes and commercial buildings in one step.


ICYNENE® spray foam insulation provides an air barrier and helps protect against the introduction of pollutants, dust, mould, carbon monoxide, and pollen.


ICYNENE® has a global warming index of 1 – the lowest in its class. Making a healthy environment for the buildings occupants.


The ICYNENE® insulation system is the most accredited insulation available with worldwide acknowledgement of its exceptional performance.

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